To Schneider Endodontics, the practice of Robert S. Schneider, DDS, MS. We are located in Monfort Heights, Ohio near the North Bend Rd exit, just off of interstate I-74. This ideal location makes us convenient to nearly everyone in the greater Cincinnati area and allows us to better serve the needs of our referring doctors and patients.

The Root Canal Specialist!

Endodontics is the dental specialty that concentrates on root canal treatment and various root surgeries. Our focus is on helping patients save their natural teeth. While dental implants are a wonderful way to replace missing teeth, many patients are happy to learn that they can often save a tooth that is badly broken or decayed. Root canal therapy makes this possible!

Endodontist are dentist that complete at least 2 years of additional study and training specifically relating to the nerve tissue inside a tooth, called the dental pulp. There are several different ways of treating this tissue with the most famous (or infamous) being a root canal. To graduate from a specialty training program, an Endodontist must perform several hundred root canals. This extensive training should help you feel confident when having your root canal treatment.

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